The Cortex Club connects researchers at the University of Oxford with world-leading neuroscientists through a unique educational forum dealing with cutting-edge topics and significant challenges in neuroscience. Our events range from small intense debates with up-and-coming scientists to large discussion sessions led by internationally prominent speakers, followed by the opportunity to ask them questions over drinks.

Cortex Club’s Virtual Escape Room

Cortex Club’s Virtual Escape Room will be on Thursday 22nd October at 7pm
Oxford’s neuroscientists are reporting strange goings on in the dead of night. Samples are going missing and microscopes are torn apart, but nobody knows why. Could the mysterious Thalamus Club have anything to do with it? Join Cortex Club for a virtual adventure through Oxford’s neuroscience buildings, solving clues and puzzles along the way.

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(Please note: this is an online event for Oxford University students and staff only. You need to use your SSO to access the form.)

Emergent scientists discuss Alzheimer’s disease

This seminar is part of our “Emergent Scientists” series, an initiative that provides a platform for scientists at the critical PhD/postdoc transition period to share their work with a broad audience and network.

These talks cover Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research in both mice and humans. Christiana will discuss in particular the translational aspects of applying mouse work to humans and the importance of timing in disease pathology and intervention (e.g. timing between AD biomarkers vs. symptom onset, timing of therapy, etc.). Siddharth will discuss a rare variant of Alzheimer’s disease called “Logopenic Progressive Aphasia”, which presents with temporo-parietal atrophy yet relative sparing of hippocampal circuitry. Siddharth will discuss how, despite the unusual anatomical basis underlying this AD variant, degeneration of the angular gyrus in the left inferior parietal lobule contributes to memory deficits similar to those of typical amnesic Alzheimer’s disease.

Details on how to join will be distributed on the Cortex Club mailing list. Details on how to subscribe can be found here.


Cortex Club Michaelmas Term Elections

Time and date: Friday, 16th October 2020, Online at 5pm (BST)

We have 3 open positions for students of the University of Oxford to join our Cortex Club
committee! The descriptions are listed below and they also include a chance to host
speakers or organize an event important to you!

1) IT Officer
The IT officer keeps the website up-to-date. This includes adding upcoming events, updating the ‘past speakers’ list, amongst other things. The IT officer also keeps an eye on the Cortex Club’s e-mail account, keeping count of sign-ups for events and answering questions from our members. The workload is approx. 1h per week.

2) Graduate Fresher’s Rep (required to be a graduate student in the 2020-21 academic year)The Grad Rep’s main role is to get the graduate community (doing any course) involved in Cortex Club events. This role includes disseminating information and advertising our events. This position will also involve helping to organise some events each term.

3) Undergraduate Fresher’s Rep (required to be an undergraduate student in the 2020-21 year)
Like the Graduate rep, the Undergrad Rep’s main role is to get the undergraduate community (doing any course) involved in Cortex Club events, you will be working alongside our current Undergraduate Rep – Nicola Sharp. This role includes disseminating information and advertising our events. This position will also involve helping to organise some events each term.

If interested please send an email to: from your Oxford email address with your name and the position you are interested in by 4pm (BST) on Friday 16th October 2020!

Instructions on how to join the talk will be released via our mailing list.