Seminar: Professor Daniel Wolpert

Probabilistic models of sensorimotor control and decision making
Friday 10 February @ 3 pm4:30 pm (Lecture Theatre, Le Gros Clark Building)

Daniel Wolpert from the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge will discuss his research on the computational principles underlying sensorimotor control at the Cortex Club on Friday, 10 February. Please note that there is a change to our usual start time which will be 3pm instead of 4pm.

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Seminar: Professor Sophie Scott

The science of laughter
Monday 9 January @ 4 pm5:30 pm (Sherrington Library)

Sophie Scott from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London will discuss her research on the neural basis and functions of laughter at the Cortex Club on Monday, 9 January. She is particularly interested in the neural basis of vocal communication, the expression of emotion in the voice, and individual differences in speech perception.

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