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Seminar: Professor Daniel Bendor

June 9, 2017 @ 16:00 - 17:30

Temporal processing in auditory cortex
Friday 9th of June @ 4 pm5:30 pm @ the Sherrington Library

Daniel Bendor from the University College of London will talk about his research at the Cortex Club on Friday, 9th of June.

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Current research focus
‘Our research focuses on understanding the neuronal substrates of perception and memory. We use a combination of large-scale electrophysiological recording methods and molecular-genetic tools in behaving rodents to examine 1) how neurones encode complex sounds in auditory cortex, and 2) how auditory information is stored into memory by interactions between auditory cortex and the hippocampus during sleep.

Here are some of the ongoing projects in the lab:
– neural ensemble encoding of auditory objects;
– cortico-hippocampal interactions underlying memory consolidation;
– the role of REM sleep in memory consolidation;
– neural mechanisms underlying social cognition;
– impact prediction of journal articles’

In auditory cortex, temporal patterns within a sound can be represented by either a neuron’s discharge rate or spike timing. While previous work has provided a detailed description of how temporal and rate codes represent acoustic information, what determines whether a neuron is a “rate” or “temporal” coder remains unclear. In this talk I will describe how three basic features of neural circuits- inhibition, adaptation, and recurrent connections can provide a parsimonious explanation of the diverse types of neural codes observed in auditory cortex.


June 9, 2017
16:00 - 17:30


Sherrington Library, Level 2
Sherrington Building
Oxford, OX1 3PT
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