Cortex Families

To welcome new undergraduate students into our neuroscience community, the Cortex Club is piloting a new initiative, CortexFamilies, where undergraduate and postgraduates are matched based on their shared neuroscience interests.

This is not a tutoring scheme. Inspired by the college family system, postgrad “parents” are expected to help their undergrad “kids” participate in fun and exciting discussions about neuroscience, and act as a source of advice for settling into Oxford. Participants will be invited to (optional) CortexFamily-focused events, including neuroscience pop quizzes where you can compete against other CortexFamilies.
Interested in this unique and valuable opportunity?
Sign up using this form by 11.59 pm on Monday, 2 November 2020 (UPDATE: extended to Monday, 9 November 2020).

Matches will be announced on Friday, 13 December 2020.


How long will I be part of a CortexFamily?A: At least until the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. That being said, our goal is to foster long-lasting connections between postgraduates and undergraduates who are passionate about neuroscience. So even after the end of this year, we hope that you will remain friends with the rest of your CortexFamily.
Q: What is the level of commitment for postgraduate volunteers?

A: Actually very low! At the very least, you should have a (virtual) meeting with your undergrad kid in Michaelmas in order to get to know each other. You will also be invited to (optional) CortexFamily-exclusive events and should be a source of advice about neuroscience-related matters e.g. what a postgrad degree in neuroscience is like and encourage them to attend and participate in asking questions at events.

Q: How many Kids/Parents will I have?

A: We are expecting each family to consist of 1 postgrad parent and 1-2 undergrad kids, although this is subject to change.

Q: I can no longer participate in CortexFamilies. Is that okay?

A: Yes. Just let us know (see below for contact details) and we’ll try and assign your kid/parent to someone else. Sorry to see you go!

Any questions or suggestions? Contact us!

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