Seminar: Dr Jason Rihel

Neuropeptides that Regulate Sleep in Zebrafish
Thursday 7 December @ 4.30pm5.30pm (OCGF Seminar Room, DPAG)

We are pleased to host Dr Jason Rihel from University College London on Thursday 7 December 4:30 – 5:30 pm in the OCGF Seminar Room, DPAG.

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Seminar: Dr Edward Bartlett

Paribas or Bury Pa? – Age-related changes in the neural representations of voice onset time in the inferior colliculus
Wednesday 22 November @ 2pm3pm (Sherrington Room, DPAG)

We are pleased to be co-hosting Dr Edward Bartlett from Purdue University on Wednesday 22nd November 2:00 – 3:00 pm (please note the unusual time) in the Sherrington room, DPAG.

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Symposium: Thalamocortical Interactions

Thalamocortical Interactions: A symposium in honor of the publication ‘The Brain as a Tool: A Neuroscientist’s Account’ by Ray Guillery
Tuesday 21 November @ 2pm7pm (Sherrington Library, DPAG)

We are thrilled to co-host an international symposium on thalamocortical interactions in honour of Ray Guillery and his very last publication “The Brain as a Tool: A Neuroscientist’s Account” with international guest speakers Guillermina López-Bendito and Francisco Clasca.

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